Terms & conditions

Booking and cancellation policy:

  • Once signed, we will provide a bank account so that you realize a deposit of 5€ for each player as you want to book. This payment will be deducted from the quota, paying the rest of the fare cash when you come to perform the activity -All confirmed bookings even when final, will always be subject to cancellation or modification date by agreement between the two parties, to adverse and/or major forces, weather forecasts, etc…
  • For people in the group fail the “Advance” or “deposit” of people who not come, will not be refundable. So it is important that the reservation conformed to people that you know for sure that will come.
  • When you go to make the deposit in the bank, you must indicate on the concept of booking the name of the person you have left as a contact and the day you come to play. Once we receive the transfer we will send you a confirmation SMS.


  • In the case of Cancel activity, the deposit shall not be paid. If advised in more than 72 hours before the day of the activity term, there is the possibility to change it to another day over a period of six months. If it is less than 72 h, the subscriber loses money..

Privacy Policy:

This document governs the use of services provided in BARCELONA PAINTBALL the Web, discussion forums and partners as well as any other service that could publish or make available on this site.
By accepting these conditions raisins to be part of this community in a personal capacity. The only mandatory information for registration are a nick and email that in no case be transferred to third parties. However if you choose to make public their mail, it will be published in the members section under their own responsibility. Log files in this forum are considered personal and domestic use, and will only be used to administer this page and their subscriptions.     Allowed cited, redistribute and bind any text BARCELONA PAINTBALL by any means if done literally, this note is held, citing the author with his name in BARCELONA PAINTBALL and linked clearly the page where it was published originally the text or, alternatively, the main page of this Portal and Forums (http://www.barcelonapaintball.com, in no case can the so-called “Hotlink” graphics and others, is a crime and such BARCELONA PAINTBALL will act in his absence, reporting the facts in the appropriate place.
Obligations and prohibitions on the use of the Web BARCELONA PAINTBALL does not previously control the demonstrations and the content transmitted, distributed or made available to third parties by users through forums. However, BARCELONA PAINTBALL the right to review afterwards, at any time and without notice, on its own initiative or at the request of a third party, the contents transmitted, distributed or made available to third parties by users through these reserves forums and prevent publication or made available to third parties in the event that, in its view, be contrary to the provisions of these Terms of Access. Given the occurrence of these and other circumstances, BARCELONA PAINTBALL will be authorized to suspend, expel and refuse entry to those users who contravene these conditions of access to the extent it deems appropriate. The user shall use the services of forums as provided in these Terms of Access and in accordance with the applicable law, in particular, without limitation and not exhaustive, the user agrees not to use these services so that:

  1. Viruses or any other computer code, files or programs that may damage, interrupt or impede the normal functioning of any software, hardware or telecommunications equipment or join this site.
  2. It pursues is to harass or stalk others or collect and store personal information about other members unlawfully or for unlawful purposes.
  3. They pretend to be someone else causing damage to any third party or BARCELONA PAINTBALL
  4. They are made available to third parties whose rights content of intellectual property is owned by third parties without the authorization is necessitated
  5. It is available to third violent or unacceptable content, defamatory, obscene, or, in general, contrary to law, morality or public order.
  6. They induce or promote criminal, discriminatory attitudes, the introduction in dangerous groups or in general, actions contrary to the law, morality or public order.
  7. The business secrets of others or violate the regulations on privacy of communications, advertising, unfair competition, trademarks and patents are infringed.
  8. They violate or infringe the fundamental rights and public freedoms recognized by the law.

Data protection
This does not personal data of users of any kind are requested. BARCELONA PAINTBALL is committed to fulfilling its obligation of confidentiality of data provided by users and its duty to guard it, and take the necessary measures to prevent alteration, loss or unauthorized access, given the state at all times technology being exempt from responsibilities to his loss reasons or force majeure.
Identification of visitors
Regularly, information may be sent to your computer to identify you. This information is commonly known as “cookies”. Showing how and when visitors use the Site, we can further improve. Only we use cookies to view information on your hard drive a cookie from this Site. The use of “cookies” is an industry standard and is used by many websites. “Cookies” are stored on your computer and not on this Site. If you do not wish to receive “cookies” or wish to receive notification of shipment, you can configure the browser to do so, if your browser has this function.

The user is responsible for any use of the material, comments or generally content to get through the forums and this website in general. BARCELONA PAINTBALL expressly disclaims by these Conditions of Access and the acceptance thereof by the user, from any liability that may arise from the accuracy or quality of the material, comments or content obtained through the forums and this website generally. BARCELONA PAINTBALL does not assume any responsibility for any material or content that was expressed or made available to third parties in the forums. Any advertisement, comment, expression, opinion, statement or recommendation made within the forums belong exclusively to users who express such views and in no circumstances shall come from BARCELONA PAINTBALL, keeping it intact and free of charges against any claim arising from the use of these forums by a user in the way that is prohibited under these conditions access or by law.