Paintball for kids

Variety of the famous game of Paintball for children, with adapted material for the little kids. Boys / girls aged 8-12 years. Special and secure markers, paint balls, and protection.

  • Paintball kids basic:

    • Mimetized protection jumpsuit (individually packed)
    • Protective mask “sterilized”
    • Protective vest
    • Adapted ball marker 20 €/person tax incl.
    • Individual water
    • Children’s paintball monitor
    • 20 €/person tax incl.
  • Ammunition

    • Necessary ammunition included
  • Duration

    Duration 2 hours.

  • Minimum quantity

    Minimum 10 pax.

  • Age:

    Boys and girls between 8-12 years.

  • Timetable

    Saturday: 10:00h /12:00h/15:00h/17:00h

    Sunday:   10:00h /12:00h/15:00h/17:00h

    “Other timetables, for groups over 16 kids, please call us!”
Adrenaline: 99%
Fun: 100%
Danger: 10%


From what ages can participate?

From 8 years and it is advisable to 12

What is the minimum number of participants to play ?.

Since we adapt the game and play on smaller fields we closed group necesistando a minimum of 10 participants.

What is the appropriate dress?

As for paintball children, non-small size protection coveralls are made, it is advised that children come with comfortable clothing (T or the like long sleeves, long trousers type tracksuit, hiking boots or sneakers with thick soles. Gloves according season).

We can bring food to stay for lunch or a snack?

We have a picnic area with tables and chairs, and large capacity, where you can bring you food. Are selling in the section Services

We can order food for after the activity?

We can offer some snacks or food that would bring our catering service. Find prices in the services section.